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Collection: Jewelry

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  • The DoggyLoveandMore Necklace
    The DoggyLoveandMore Necklace - DoggyLoveandMore
  • Black Obsidian Wolf Head Necklace
    Black Obsidian Wolf Head Necklace-Necklaces-DoggyLoveandMore
  • Howling Wolf Necklace
    Howling Wolf Necklace-Necklaces-DoggyLoveandMore
  • Vintage Wolf Head Necklace
    Vintage Wolf Head Necklace-Necklaces-DoggyLoveandMore
  • Cut Out Wolf Head Necklace
    Cut Out Wolf Head Necklace-Necklaces-DoggyLoveandMore
  • I Am Wolf Dog Tag Necklace or Key Chain
    I Am Wolf Dog Tag Necklace or Key Chain-Necklaces-DoggyLoveandMore
  • Round Pendant Wolf Necklace
    Round Pendant Wolf Necklace-Necklaces-DoggyLoveandMore
  • Heartbeat Paw Necklace
    Heartbeat Paw Necklace-Necklaces-DoggyLoveandMore
  • Heart and Paw Photo Locket Necklace
    Heart and Paw Photo Locket Necklace-Necklaces-DoggyLoveandMore
  • Rainbow Bridge Necklace
    Rainbow Bridge Pet Loss Necklace-DoggyLoveandMore
  • Dog Breed Heartbeat Necklace
    Dog Breed Heartbeat Necklace-Necklaces-DoggyLoveandMore
  • Paw Print Necklace
    Paw Print Necklace-Necklaces-DoggyLoveandMore
  • Carved Wolf Pendant Necklace
    Carved Wolf Pendant Necklace-Necklaces-DoggyLoveandMore
  • Dog Collar Ring
    Dog Collar Ring-Rings-DoggyLoveandMore
  • Dog Paw Adjustable Rings
    Dog Paw Adjustable Rings-Rings-DoggyLoveandMore
  • Dog & Bone Adjustable Ring
    Dog & Bone Adjustable Ring-Rings-DoggyLoveandMore
  • Animal Paw Print Ring
    Ring Women Animal Paw Print Rings Man Lovers Jewellery Wedding Fashion Couples Metal Silver Color Stainless Steel Bague Femme-DoggyLoveandMore
  • Hunter Wolf Claw Ring
  • Crystal and Paw Prints Ring
  • Men's Wolf Head Ring
  • Men's Forest Wolf Ring
  • Nordic Wolf Pendant and Necklace
  • Vintage Wolf Bracelet