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DoggyLoveandMore Blog

  • Canicross – the sport of champions! Is it for you?  Here’s what you need to know to get started!

    Canicross is cross-country running with your dog.  It is a popular sport in Europe and the U.K.  It was originally intended to provide sledding dogs with summer exercise and training but has turned into a global sport with world championship titles.  Canicross is a very unique sport.  Instead of just running with your dog, you run with your dog tethered to you by a special bungee type leash and harness that allows them to get full range of motion in their shoulders. The idea is that instead of pulling a sled, your dog pulls you. It is a great sport for those that love running, trails, and the great outdoors. 
  • Those Amazing K9 Dogs! 9 things you need to know - #8 will surprise you!

    What is a K9 dog?  K9 or K-9 dogs are police and military dogs.  K9 is a homophone for the word canine – clever right?!  K9 dogs were made famous by Doctor Who and Looney Tunes cartoons.  German Shepherds are the most common K9 dog breed but there are other suitable breeds too.  These pups play a major role in many police and military operations, which use them to search for people and things (e.g., suspects and drugs), rescue people, detect explosives, and respond to people in distress, like in a fire.  It is amazing what these dogs can do! Training begins as a puppy and when these super-heroes retire, some of them are adoptable!  Sound interesting? Read on!
  • Frisbees, Jumps and Tricks - Try out Disc Dog!

    What is Disc Dog? Disc Dog is an exciting, entertaining, and fast-paced sport that pups and their humans can do together.  It is a very competitive sport. Titles are won.  International competitions take place every year and the sport draws big crowds.  If your dog is trainable, can jump and catch a frisbee and learn trick jumps, this might be just the sport you both need!
  • The Fastest Dogs on the Planet!

    You know those zoomies your fur baby gets in the evening? The ones where they start running around for no reason and want to play?  That is excess energy they are trying to burn off.  Looking for a way to help them burn it off that doesn’t include jumping on furniture and knocking over everything in their path?  Enter running.  Running is an excellent way for your pup to use up that energy and relieve tension and anxiety.  A regular running routine can help your pet maintain a healthy weight, with the added benefit of keeping them fit.  And it might be good for you too!  So, we rounded up a top ten list of the fastest canine breeds.  There are a lot of lists of the fastest dog breeds and they are all a little different. These are just our favorites. Take a look!
  • 5 Things You Need to Know Before Trying Dog Agility!

    What is Dog Agility? Dog agility is a competitive sport where you (the handler) direct your dog (the competitor) through an obstacle course. The goal for your dog is to get through the obstacles with speed and accuracy. Obstacles include tunnels, bar jumps and tire jumps, ramps, hoops, weave poles, seesaws, and pause tables.  The catch is that you can’t touch your dog or the obstacles. You have to rely on your voice, movements and signals to get your dog through the obstacle course.  And, you can’t give your dog treats or toys to motivate a certain action or speed.  This is a serious sport! Sound like something you and your pup may want to try? Read on!
  • What is Dog Dock Diving?

    Dog Dock Diving is a fairly new sport, when compared to Dog Surfing or Dog Flyball.  But, it is wildly popular so it is definitely worthy of consideration for any fast, high-jumping canine who likes water.  Dog Dock Diving allows dogs to show off their ability to jump off a dock using speed and agility in order to gain distance, height, or retrieve a favorite toy to return to their handler in record time. It is definitely not a sport for water-weary pups. Read on to see some great videos of dock diving pups in action!
  • 10 Very Cool Sports World Records Held by Dogs!

    What world records are held by dogs? There are some pretty interesting ones actually! There are lots of blog posts like this one and this one on the world records held by dogs. So, we thought we’d take a bit of a different approach. Since dog sports are so interesting to us, we wanted to find out what sporty world records dogs hold. From highest jump by a dog, to longest wave surfed by a dog, there are so many interesting sports-oriented world records held by dogs. You don’t want to miss this one. Read on!
  • What is Dog Surfing?

    We know what you’re thinking – Dogs can do what now? They can surf.  They can surf with you, on their own, in pairs or in a pack. They can even surf on your back! All Zuessing around aside, dog surfing is a serious sport.  Dogs participate in surfing exhibitions and competitions in various coastal towns around the world.  In the United States, you can find dog surfing events in Hawaii, and along the California, Texas, and Florida coasts.  Dogs can even earn championship titles. Sound cool?  Read on.
  • Is Dog Flyball the right sport for your dog?

    If your dog is a runner, jumper, leaper, and furry bundle of joy around other dogs then Dog Flyball may be the perfect sport for them.  Does your dog like to play fetch? Do they like being around other dogs and can behave themselves? Do they like to leap over objects (e.g., your couch) to catch ‘the prize’?  They may be the next dog flyball champ of the world! Ok, maybe not the world but a dog can dream. Curious? Read on!
  • Is Dog Parkour the next thing you should try with your dog?

    Does your dog love to jump, climb, balance and race? Do they have the agility of a leopard, the speed of a cheetah and the desire to conquer challenging heights and jumps?  Then, dog parkour might be just the thing they need. Sound interesting? Read on!
  • Should I add a clicker to my dog training method?

    Do you want to teach your dog to high-five? Would you like to train your dog to talk with dog buttons?  How proud would you be if you could train your dog to get help when someone is in distress? Are clickers the answer to your dog training goals?  Read on. These questions are answered and more!
  • Fun Things To Do With Your Dog On Bad Weather Days

    It rains, it snows, it's windy, it's cold, it's hot, and the list goes on. Those bad weather days happen.  You can't take your dog for a long walk or to the park.  What can you do with your dog indoors to keep them happy and healthy? Read on to find out!