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Fun Things To Do With Your Dog On Bad Weather Days

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It rains, it snows, it's windy, it's cold, it's hot, and the list goes on. Those bad weather days happen.  You can't take your dog for a long walk or to the park.  What can you do with your dog indoors to keep them happy and healthy? Read on to find out!

Dogs are undoubtedly one of the most intelligent breeds to be found on earth. Nowadays, people love to keep these animals as companions rather than putting them to work. Sometimes unavailability of work can leave them unmotivated. According to a dog psychologist, some of the key stimuli for dogs include exposure to new, exciting, and interesting things. However, always keeping your dog tired or entertained can sometimes be tiresome and a challenging task in itself and it becomes far more difficult especially on a bad weather day. The good news is, there are plenty of games and activities that you can do to keep your dog physically active while staying indoors. Read on to learn more!

Dogs chasing each other in the houseIndoor Agility: Practicing some indoor agility is undoubtedly the most fun way to keep your dog busy on a bad weather day. For this, you really don’t need any sort of fancy equipment. You can always create your own obstacle course with the help of some basic household items such as towels, brooms, etc. You can always use your imagination in order to set up obstacles for your dog to follow. Once your dog has learned all the ways to jump over a broomstick you then move onto fetching the towel game. Building some prior tricks can help your dog stay both mentally and physically stimulated. Furthermore, it is a perfect way to encourage great focus.                                            

Dog playing tug of warTug Of War: Tug of war is one of the most popular indoor games. Minute for minute it is both a mentally and physically challenging game that you can play with your dog especially if you are a dog lover. Furthermore, the best part is you really don’t need too much space or room to play. It is indeed a great exercise for your dog on bad weather days.                                   

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Finding The Treats: Finding the treats game is a great way to keep your dog active indoors. This particular game is simple to play. The only thing that is needed to get started is the attention of your pet along with some great treats. The purpose of this game is to make your dog sniff out treats that you have hidden in different parts of the house. If you are a dog mom, you would surely love to play this game with your small companion. Furthermore, the best part of this game is that it is very simple to play. Anybody can play it anywhere, as long as you have some treats on hand. 

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    So next time you're stuck indoors with a restless pup, try out some of these ideas for yourself. You'll have one happy, and hopefully sleepy, doggo on your hands!

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