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Just In! Hoodies, Sneakers and Backpacks that every Dog Mom and Dog Dad needs.

Are you Fall ready?  ‘Cause baby it’s (going to be) cold outside!  We are determined to keep you warm and Dog Dad or Dog Mom fashionable! So, we had some independent artists and designers do their very best to design the perfect items for dog lovers.  Check out our new apparel line-up!

#1 Hoodies

Man in black hoodie.

As dog moms and dog dads, we all know that a good hoodie is indispensable for cool early morning walkies and late night potty runs.  So, why not show your doggy love or wolf love while you’re out for a stroll with your best bud? You’ll be the envy of all the other dog moms and dog dads.  The best part is that our hoodies have lots of cool features: 

  •  All over print – that means there are design elements on the inside and outside of the hoods, sleeves, front, back and kangaroo pocket. Sometimes, the designs are different on each part!
  • Woman in green paw prints hoodie.Kangaroo pocket – the perfect place to keep your hands warm and stow some extra you-know-what bags.
  • Drawstring hood – you can pull the hood up and pull the draw strings to get a tighter fit when the wind picks up.
  • Relaxed fit – these hoodies were made for comfort and activity. Just follow our size guides and measure your chest, waist and hips to get the right size.
  • One-of-a-kind designs – we hired independent artists and designers from all over the world to design these hoodies. You won’t find them anywhere else.

#2 Sneakers

Women's Sneakers for Dog Lovers

We are so in love with our new sneakers! Our entire team has ordered a pair of their favorites. You are going to want to check these out.

We have sneakers for men and women. They are all high top canvas sneakers, which will cover your ankles on windy days. They all have unique designs made just for our store. For men, we have wolf-inspired sneakers and sneakers that match the new wolf hoodies we just added to our store. 

Men's Night Wolf Hoodie

If you like the Men’s Night Wolf Hoodie, for example, you will love the Men’s Red Crackle Sneakers. The unique Red Crackle design matches the red crackle design in the hood of the hoodie.

Men's Blue Galaxy Wolf Hoodie

Likewise, the Men’s Blue Galaxy Sneakers match the design of the Men’s Blue Galaxy Wolf Hoodie.  These are just 2 examples.


Our Women’s sneakers also match our Women’s hoodies.  If you like the Women’s Burgundy Paw Prints Hoodie, you will probably also love the Women’s Burgundy Paw Prints Sneakers. We even have a matching backpack, water bottle and mouse pad with that design!  Can you tell we love it?

Women's Burgundy Paw Prints Hoodie and Sneakers

We did the same with our Women’s Grey Paw Prints Hoodie, Women’s Green Paw Prints Hoodie and Women’s Rainbow Dog Hoodie.  The paws in each design were designed by an artist who used different colors and patterns in each paw to give them their unique appeal.  Take a close look and you will see it!


Backpacks for Dog Lovers

#3 Backpacks

No one understands the need to be hands free more than a mom or a dog mom.  That is why we carried our hoodie designs over to our backpacks.

Pockets in Dog Lover's Backpack

Each of our backpacks comes with multiple pockets. There is even a laptop compartment that can fit a 15” laptop and a hidden pocket in the back of the backpack. 

Dog in a boy's backpack

Our backpacks are also water-resistant and can carry up to 44 lbs! So, when it rains, your things will be protected. You might even be able to fit your fur baby in there for quick transport when the weather gets ruff…err, rough.  Please excuse our (fur) baby brain!


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